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Welcome to Life-Therapy

Life-Therapy is a combination of Life Coaching and Counselling that’s dedicated to enhancing and reinforcing self-confidence.

Our client base includes teenagers, young adults and mature individuals who are looking to live confident lives. Providing a safe emphatic environment where clients can be at ease while sharing their concerns via online or in-person sessions. Sphere’s of focus include building self-confidence, conquering negative thoughts, reducing stress and anxiety, improving core beliefs, identifying realistic goals, strengthening communication skill, learning emotional regulation and a balanced over all positive self-wellbeing.

Our belief is that each individual requires something unique that suits their needs and dreams. With our programmes you’ll receive your own customised experience, where we’ll work together through any challenges and obstacles which have been holding you back.

My number one priority is putting you first.

Whether you prefer one-on-one* or online sessions, Life-Therapy has a programme to suit your lifestyle.

Schedule your complimentary consultation and take your first step towards a more confident life.


I’m the founder and owner of LifeTherapy. I’m a practiced life coach and counsellor, with qualifications in psychology counselling and NLP life coaching.

I thrive on helping others unravel life’s challenges, while transforming fears into stepping stones towards a greater future. I’ve spent years creating practical steps that you can use to help heal the scars of your past, and bring positive well-being into your life.

Together, we can begin to understand your emotions, thoughts and behaviours, and start uncovering the wealth of confidence you have hiding inside.

“Confidence is about getting to know yourself, your strengths and weakness. It’s about being honest with yourself and brave enough to be yourself in any and all situations you are faced with. You have the choice to walk this journey being you, and going after what you want in life. The difference is in, making the decision to do so

– Roxanne Bouwer

Roxanne Bouwer

Roxanne Bouwer

Life Coach & Counsellor

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