“If we are to grow stronger and wiser every day, we must have the intention to grow as the lotus and rise brighter every day.”

– Roxanne Bouwer



Our story begins with the lotus, one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Considered to be sacred in some cultures, the lotus is a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth.

This elegant flower, contrary to its outer beauty, only grows in murky waters. Once it’s ready to flower, it emerges from the murky depths, and blossoms in the early hours of the morning.

Once sunset arrives, the flower closes up and submerges itself beneath the water to rejuvenate. It does this every night and rises again at sunrise. The flower is reborn every morning.

Just like the lotus, we all experience our own murky waters and obstacles. But regardless of the challenges we face, we can all emerge stronger, ready to overcome and create a more meaningful life.

“If we are to grow stronger and wiser every day, we must have the intention to grow as the lotus and rise brighter every day.” – Roxanne Bouwer


Tanya Willmans

“I found Roxanne enormously helpful when getting ready for university. I needed help getting myself and my family organised going into my second year of studying, and Roxanne was an amazing resource for me. My family and I live in the UK, so with the online option for my sessions were so convenient. Roxanne was innovative and provided alternative ideas and thoughts for me. I would highly recommend this service to all women who require direction in their lives. Roxanne was a positive influence and you’ll only learn great things from her abundant skills and knowledge.”

Natasha Gussenhoven

“Roxanne was very professional and incredibly insightful, allowing for deeper understanding of how to handle challenging situations in my life. I highly recommend Roxanne – it’s definitely worth it.”

Akima Lee

“I found my coaching experience very personal with step-by-step support. Roxanne was very encouraging and motivating, and made me feel uplifted. I walked away with a deeper understanding of myself, enabling me to following my passion.”

Claire Wilding

“I was fortunate enough to have Roxanne recommended to me by a wonderful friend of mine, following an incredibly difficult chapter of my life. Having signed myself up for the 10-week course, I was hopeful that I could find some positive focus in my life again, and Roxanne was with me every step of the way! She made me feel safe to share my story and encouraged me along my journey to rediscovering my self-confidence and optimism in my life. I can’t praise her enough and would recommend her services to anyone! She’s truly incredible and a wonderfully positive coach and counsellor.”

Parboti Roy

“Roxanne is a great counsellor! She has constantly given me positive vibes, encouragement and helped me to overcome my depression and emotional trauma. As a graduate student I believe that we need counseling to manage our stress and depression, and I highly recommend Roxanne for her great service.”

Richard Beckman

“I found Roxanne warm, friendly, incisive and most helpful in dealing with my relationships with both my family members and friends. With her engaging feedback I have learned to understand much more about myself and how to interact with others. I have no hesitation in recommending her services. She is very good.”

Thomas Beckman

“Roxanne’s approach was very uplifting and encouraging in the best possible sense. Her genuine interest and affordability gave me a viable and practical solution to some very tricky challenges. I highly recommend her counselling services.”

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