In grief counselling we guide individuals and families through the stages of their grieving process. Providing a calm and safe environment where you can discuss your contradictory feelings such as “I wish I could have done more”, “what if” and “did I do all I could”.

You are able to share memories and reminisce, as well as learn skills to cope with the pain and honour the loss of your loved one while moving forward into a happier place in your life.

What you can expect to do on this journey:

  • Anticipation and fears of death;
  • The 7 stages of grief;
  • Responses to death;
  • Coping with the loss of your loved one;
  • Healing and learning how to live again;
  • Understanding your contradictory emotions and thoughts;
  • Recovering from crisis and trauma of the event;
  • Knowing what to expect going forward;
  • Your personal journey of mourning;
  • Preparing a child for death;
  • It’s okay to be happy, laugh and smile again;

We are here to listen and support you through this very difficult time.

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