Our family counselling programme is for those who want to nurture their family, overcome struggles within their relationships and step into a brighter future together.

Each family is unique and special, by understanding each individual’s emotions, thoughts and behaviours we can help heal the wounds from the inside out. Reconnecting the bond between parent and child, as well as rebuilding mutual trust and respect. 

What you can expect to do on this journey:

  • Communication, love and relationship skills;
  • Developing healthy conversations;
  • Understanding family roles;
  • How to share and listen effectively;
  • Behavioral and emotional problems;
  • Age-appropriate responsibilities and rewards;
  • Divorce, separation and step-families;
  • Single parenting;
  • Pressures from extended family;
  • Family crisis or breakdown;
  • Family life cycles;
  • Family interventions;

Facing challenges together with support and guidance.

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