Our couples therapy programme is there for couples who want to improve their already amazing relationship and for those who are wanting help putting the pieces back together.

We’ll guide you through the hard conversations so that you can improve your romantic relationship and resolve interpersonal conflicts. Boosting your bond by teaching you how to open up to your partner in a safe environment.

Sharing your authentic thoughts and feelings allows you to enhance your understanding of each other, creating a beautiful strong lasting relationship.

What you can expect to do on this journey:

  • Improving communication and listening skills;
  • How to ‘fight’ effectively;
  • Identifying negative pattens;
  • How assumptions can destroy your relationship;
  • Teaching awareness of each-others perspectives, insecurities, triggers and values;
  • Providing tools to work through current challenges as well as potential future difficulties;
  • Building trust and faithfulness after infidelity;
  • Assistance with non-traditional relationships;
  • Facing and working through specific issues;
  • Blended families and boundaries;
  • Break-ups or break-downs in the relationship;

Offering support and guidance every step of the way.

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